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Warning:  The following pages may be suitable for serious guitar enthusiasts only!   ;)

Currently Owned Guitars:

Taylor 912c   Rosewood/Englemann (1995)

Taylor 814ceLTD  Cocobolo/Sitka (2002)

Taylor 914ceL1  Rosewood/Englemann (2003)

Taylor 614ceL1  Cherry Blackburst Maple/Sitka (2003)

Taylor XXX-MC    Mahogany/Cedar (2004)

Taylor 714ceL30   Rosewood/Cedar (2004)

Taylor K15-L7   Koa/Englemann (2004)

Taylor 614ce  Tobaccoburst Quilted Maple/Sitka (2005)

Taylor GA7e  Rosewood/Honeyburst Englemann (2007)

RTaylor  Honduran Mahogany/Englemann (2007)

Taylor Custom GS  Macassar Ebony/Sinker Redwood (2008)

Taylor XXXV MP GS  Dark Honeyburst Quilted Maple/Englemann (2009)


























Formerly owned, now sold:

Taylor 914ce  Rosewood/Englemann (2002)

Taylor 712ce Summer Spec  Cocobolo/Sitka (2003)

Taylor 600ce Summer Spec  Flamed Natural Maple/Sitka (2003)

Taylor 914ceL2  Quilted Natural Maple/Sitka (2003)

Taylor 314ceL1   Koa/Sitka (2003)

Taylor 615c Custom  Blue Quilted Maple/Englemann (2004)

Taylor XXX-RSe   Rosewood/Sitka (2004)


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