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Vocal Instruction

A primary service of Rejoice Music  


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In addition to singing for churches and other ministry events,  

Rebecca began teaching voice at a local music store in 1989.

After several years there, she now teaches in her own 

well-equipped Vocal Studio in Simi Valley, CA.

Her goal is to train and equip her students to freely use

the full capabilities resident within each voice, to suit, 

enhance, and perfect their own style.  


She encourages them to express their heart and voice in song,

as well as instructing them in the technical aspects of singing.

Microphone technique is included in the training, 

through the use of a full PA system, and students 

also have the option of recording demo CD's.


 It is Rebecca's strong belief that one of the reasons God gives 

gifts and talents to us is so that we can impart them to others.  

Some of her students have become worship leaders 

for churches and youth groups, and sing in music 

ministry for the Lord, as well as many other music venues. 

(Acoustic guitar is also taught to select students.)


Lessons for groups such as worship teams, choirs, and 

other vocal ensembles are available at Vocal Workshops



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