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A.C. Lucas  (Delaware)

Taylor Fall LTD 814ce Brazilian (2003) 

I'm glad to be a member of the AGF.

Feels like family here.



Patrick Timson  (Iowa)

Taylor 414ce (2000)

Hear Patrick's music here


A Friend

Sherman Kuek  (Malaysia)

Taylor 314ce




Aaron Ferguson  (Texas)

Taylor Baby (1997)

Me and my baby in the hallway at home.



Rod McCloud  (Ohio)

With my family at

Parents Night for my 

daughter's cheerleading.



Alberto Leguina Ruzzi  (Chile)

Please visit Webpage

Taylor Custom 614ce (2003)



William Foley  (New York)

Taylor W65 (1998)

The other guitar in the photo is my 1976 GuildF50R.



Milt Jordan (Jordy)  (So. California)

Taylor W14c (1998)

Had to put down my W14c and play my electric to be heard.

Left to right:  Jordy, John Knori, Randy Hedgepeth,

and Ben Robinson on lead guitar.



Jane Larson  (Arizona)

Taken with Doyle Dykes at 

Calvary Church in

Albuquerque, Nov. 2003



Trey Wheeler  (Tennessee)

Taylor 614c LTD (2002)

That's me with the guitar and

my youngest son, Sully
(probably my biggest little fan)



Alan Simpson (No. California & Bolivia)

Santa Cruz OM



John Anderson  (Michigan)

Tacoma DM18-12 (1999)

In action at a small group



Barry Gluck  (So. California)

Martin D-28 (1964)



Elizabeth Roth  (Florida)

Taylor 510ce (1998)

Please click here to hear Elizabeth's music!



Daren Winckel  (Massachusetts)

Taylor 714ce LTD (2003)



Tom Murphy  (Kentucky)

Martin HD-28V (2002)

The picture was taken at the Poppy Mountain

Bluegrass Festival in Morehead, Ky. in 2003



Steve Moore  (Illinois)

Tacoma EMM30 'Forum Guitar' (2004)

The EMM30 all mahogany guitar was

#1 of 10 built for members of the

Unofficial Tacoma Guitar Forum.



Andrea Gazzini  (Verona, Italy)

Taylor LOTF Braz 814ce (2001)

This photo was taken a couple of days after my Taylor

arrived in Verona.  I was so excited, because I felt

I had quite a jewel in my hand...



Bing  (Georgia)

Taylor 814ce (1997)

Singing Christmas songs and playing 

my 814ce at my office party.



Brian Jackson  (Texas)

Takamine EG540SC (2004)

Getting ready to play at 35th anniversary party of

Fort Worth Bicycling Association



Bob Lamson  (Maine)

Taylor 814ce-L7 (2004)

I'm playing live at
First Baptist Church in Portland, ME.



Bryan Parris  (South Carolina)

Taylor 314Kce LOTF (2000)

Taken at the 2002 AGF event

in North Carolina  

Photo by Rick Crider



Russ Matijevich  (Stuttgart, Germany)

Larrivee Parlor (2004)

This was taken last spring at John Cakes

house during 'CakeStock III'. 



Bob Calvanese  (Pennsylvania)

Taylor 810 (2005)

Just my 810 and me chillin on some rhythm.


Bob Womack

Bob Womack  (Virginia)

Taylor K14c (1999)

Taken at the 2003 TGF Northern Virginia Meet



Rick Versaw  (Pennsylvania)

Taylor K65ce (2003)

Brattleboro Blues Band:

I am the one holding the twelve string on the right, 

and all the guitars are mine. The band just used them

because we wanted to use all of the Taylors on the CD.  

I am related to all the guys except the drummer. 

We try to 'keep it in the family'.


Bryan T

Bryan Tysinger  (So. California)

Santa Cruz D/PW (2003)

Taken at my first solo guitar gig earlier this year

  at the Talking Stick in Santa Monica.

My first CD:  Bryan Tysinger


bradley dr20

Bradley James  (So. California)

Tacoma DR20 (1997)



Jean-Marc De Raeve  (Canada)

Jean Rompre Custom (1998)

Photo taken during a blues show in Montreal Quebec Canada

in 2006. I have a blues band called Jay Dee Blues Band.

We do an anthology of the blues includung Delta style.



Tim Ball  (Florida)

Taylor 314ce (2003)


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