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Member Photo Gallery:  C - D




John Sweet  (Virginia)

Taylor 314ce (1998)

2004 Northern VA Taylor Party at my house. 



Min Choi  (Ohio)

Taylor 814 custom Gulf LTD (2006)

Jammin' in my room and surrounded by my

work space.  AGF on the lappie!



Bill Nichols  (Maryland)

Taylor W14ce (2000)

Reknowned TGF member, and maker of incredible 

custom Truss Rod Covers, and other things.


Celtic Johnny

John McCarthy  (New Brunswick, Canada)

Taylor 415  (2005)

I'm playing at a house concert in St. Stephen,

New Brunswick, Canada in December 2007



Charlie Schueller  (Maryland)

Taylor 314K LOTF (2000)

 This is a promo photo of my friend Eric and

me for the World Bank Celebration of Culture.



Chicago Sandy

Sandy Andina  (Illinois)

Taylor 414rce (2003)

Taken at Folk Alliance 2004, San Diego
CD:  Ghosts and Angels



Ron Cabrera  (So. California)

Taylor DDSM (2001) #54

Photo says it all:

Bob Taylor - left / Cisco - right

(and . . . . Uncle Bob's guitars!)



Colby Cabrera  (So. California)

This pic of Ron's daughter as a baby with

his Taylors, was too cute to resist!


clark bjorke

Clark Bjorke (Maryland)

Artisan LW30-C (1983)

....myself in hat with graying 'stache (left), dressed

funny in order to better play Let's Talk Dirty in Hawaiian

at an open mic at Andy's, a popular music venue in Chestertown, MD.



Brandt  (No. California)

Santa Cruz OM/PW (2004)



Bobby Kiger  (North Carolina)

Taylor 814ceLTD (2002)

 2003 TGF Event at Monroe, NC

Photo by Rick Crider


Comfort Player

Ken Dalton  (Oregon)

Martin 000-28EC (2001)

Riding a sailboat in Maui wondering why

I left my Baby Taylor on the Mainland



John Cotten  (Georgia)

Taylor Cotten 612c (1995)


I also enjoy my Taylor 2000 914c.



Robert Cannady  (Kentucky)

Taylor 912c (1997)

 Promotional photo for Robert's upcoming novel: Three Roses



Chris Peterson  (So. California)

Taylor 615 (1983)



Benjamin Hood  (North Carolina)

Ovation Celebrity Deluxe (2000)

This is a picture of my fiancé and me that was taken for 

our invitations - wedding on June 5th, 2004!



Jim Murphy  (North Carolina)

Taylor 410rce LTD (2003)

'It's hard to find a quiet place to practice.'



Don  (Illinois)

Taylor 914ce Custom (2003)

Pic was taken on the back deck of my apartment.



Dan Torres  (Massachusetts)

Taylor 314 (2002)

Just pickin' away on the porch on a cool 

summer late afternoon in August, 2004


Cuz'n Eddie

Ed Goulart  (Colorado)

Collings CJ (2002)



David Lee  (Indiana)

Taylor 615ce Tobaccoburst (2003)

Taken with my wife, Kelly, on our first

missions trip together: Ukraine, 2005.



Dan Serdutz  (Colorado)

Taylor GA-MC (1995)

At the Taylor factory.  Pickitluther and I 

did the grand tour about a year ago.



David DeMordaunt  (No. California)  

Devoe Standard Archtop



Dan Atkins  (Kentucky)

Taylor 714 (2001)

Pictured here playing my 2003 Rigel Blueberryburst

A+ Deluxe on my birthday at my local gig



Dennis Comfort  (Washington)

Baby Taylor (2002)

Photo taken in Nepal!



Dennis  (Louisiana)

Taylor 314ce  (1999)

Leading worship with Ahem! Ministries



Devin Luse  (Texas)

Taylor 612ce (1998)

Live at Coronado Baptist Church

NarroPath Music CD:  The New Revival



Keith Little  (Florida)

Taylor K22ce (1992)

Playing my Taylors at church!



Ariel Little  (Florida)

Taylor Big Baby (2003)

Taylor Girls Rock!



David Smeaton  (England)

Patrick Eggle Berlin Pro (1991)

Me and some bloke who kept pestering me to

have his picture taken with me


Doc Jacobs

E. W. Jacobs, Ph. D.  (South Carolina)

Doc Jacobs, passed away on January 15, 2004. 

He was a gentle and loving man (and fine guitarist)

who was a pleasure to know, even to those of us

who only knew him for a short time. 

His passing is grieved by the AGF, and our

prayers and thoughts are with his family. 




Don DiVito  (Ohio)

Taylor 612KM (1997)

#29 of 100



Don Strom  (B.C., Canada)

Larrivee Classical #292 (1978)



D.T. Dent  (Kentucky)

Taylor 414-kce (1999)

This is me playing at church on the day

my second son was dedicated.



Don Barron  (Ohio)

Taylor 714ce (2003)



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