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Herb Hunter

Herb Hunter  (Maine)

Custom Canadian Maple Classical  (1975)

Photo was taken in our living room



Matt  (Nebraska)

Taylor 110 'Sandy' (2005)

I don't have any recent guitar pictures, but I'll try

to get some together. This photo is from work.



Richard Peikoff  (SoCal)

Rosewood / Sitka Matthew Carter 0-21 (1985)

NPR interview & live performance at radio

station KALW, San Francisco, CA

Recordings, tutorials, free downloads: MuktiMusic



Dennis & wife Shoko

(So. California)

Taylor 455ceLTD Rosewood (2003)

Taken at a recent gathering

in West L.A.


James Willer

James Willer  (Wisconsin)

R. Taylor EIR / Swiss Alpine (2007)

Me sittin' around pickin on a Sunday afternoon



Jarvis Wong  (Singapore)

Ryan Nightingale German/Brazilian (2005)

This is my friend's Ryan which just arrived.

Nice piece that is well made.



Josh Campbell  (South Carolina)

Taylor 514ce (2001)



Paul R. Harvey  (Maryland)

Lowden O25c (2002)

Photo was taken at a Star Wars DVD release 

event at a store near my house.  

I'm the guy NOT in a costume.



Stephen Pratt  (Upstate N. Y.)

Taylor 814ce (2001)



Jeffrey A. Durio

  Taylor 810c Taylorstock (2002)

Master Grade w/ Celtic Inlays

My wife Karin and I (with Steve Parr, right)

at the Arlington Guitar Show last Nov.



Jason  (Texas)

Taylor 614ce (2003)

Amber quilted 3-pc back


Taken at Texas AGF IV.  Jason's on the right.

(That's J.R. Rogers on the left with his 

custom shop redwood / maple.)



Jim Tozier

Jim Tozier  (Maryland)

Taylor 714ce (1998)

Playing one of the four cedar-topped
guitars featured on my Castlerea CD, 

the 714ce that Godzilla now refers
to as his 'Toziermatic'.



Jerry Hyer  (Mississippi)

Guild D-40 BJ  (2006)


Joe F

Joe Fillmer  (North Carolina)

Taylor 814ce (2003)

Monroestock Open Mic 2006


John Vasco

John Vasco  (England)

Taylor 314 (2002)

Just myself in my study. 

The nameplate 'Splinter' in the top left of the photo

originates from the early 70s rock band I was in

Liverpool, and that plate was put on the dashboard

of the Transit whenever we were on the road.


Joost Assink

Joost Assink  (The Netherlands)

Taylor JDCM Jumbo CE (2003)

You can listen to Joost's playing HERE.



Joshua Buckholt  (Wisconsin)

Taylor 314ce (2002)



George Schneider  (New York)

Larrivee OM-03R Lefty (2004)

The photo is of me and Dave Matthews. 

It was taken in NYC this past September.


J. R. Baker

James Baker  (North Carolina)

Maker of the fabulous musician's Soundseat

Just so there's no confusion here -

this is NOT the Forum Administrator!


J.R. Rogers

J.R. Rogers  (Texas)

Fender American Deluxe Fat Strat

The Acoustic Guitar Forum Founder and Administrator



John Schur  (Pennsylvania)

Taylor T5 C2  (2005)

Both the T5 C2 and the 2005 Gibson Les Paul Standard were

 retirement presents I bought for myself in November 2005. 



Sam Middlebrook  (Washington D.C.)

Taylor 814LTD (2002)

This is the photo from the cover of my latest album, 

called Simple Worship.  I'm not sure which is prettier, 

the stained glass, or my Taylor.



Andy Karp  (So. California)

Koaloha Soprano Ukulele



James Williams  (South Carolina)

Taylor Custom K14c (2002)


The man with the 'Guitar that Love Built'

Photo by Rick Crider


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