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Christian A. Lehman  (Indiana)

Taylor 810ce-L10 (2005)

This photo was taken on Majikin Island, Namo Atoll in the

Marshall Islands in 2005.  I spent the summer with an uncle

 navigating the Marshall Islands in this traditional sailing

canoe using no compass, just using celestial navigation

and reading swell patterns.



Nap Manisuk  (So. California)

Martin 000-16SGT (2003)

I enjoy views of Mt. Baldy range and

Cucamonga peak from my bedroom windows.



Nelson Schroeder  (Colorado)

Taylor 414rce (2003)

Lunchtime gig on December 23, 2006

at the Hot Java Cafe in Sterling



Nick Champlin  (Florida)

Strat (1962)

The pic is me with my '62 Strat (orig) in front of a wall

of 60s Marshall Plexis (all original).



Dan Blimling  (Wisconsin)

Martin HD-28 (2004)

I live in Racine Wisconsin where our band has been
together for not quite a year.  The band is Tony,

Jumbo, and the Root River Band, and believe it or
not I am not Jumbo.  Most of us are 50-something boomers 

playing 60's and early 70's pop songs and having a ball.



Andy Larson  (Arizona)

Taylor DDSM (2003)



Madeleine  (Australia)

David Worthy 'Talisman' (2004)

Taken by my friend Sabrina Davis 

(Arion Productions)
inside one of the few original 

workman's cottages left in our area.



Eltjo Haselhoff  (The Netherlands)

Taylor 712ce (2002)

Hear Eltjo's CD Fingerstyle Guitar Solos



Frank Pupo  (So. California)

Frank's a part time luthier himself ... 

built 3 or 4 guitars out in the garage as well 

as being a fine finish carpenter.


Plaid Coyote

Jim Farrar  (Heaven)

Cornerstone Guitar 

This is in memory of our AFG

friend and brother, Jim Farrar, who passed

away on Sunday, February 17, 2008.

Jim was an active and positive member of the

AGF, who offered his friendship, insightful

wisdom, and faith to everyone who knew him.

He leaves behind his wife Stacy and 4 children:

Jordan, Cara, and twins Emmy & Elly.

You can read more about Jim's heart and life

on his website HERE

Jim my brother,

May you be encompassed by love and joy

as you rest in peace in the arms of your Maker.



Preston Maddox  (West Virginia)

Taylor 414ce (2004)

In the West Virginia hills.  CD: Mountain Memories



Michael Priest  (Tasmania)

Maton Lyrebird / #32 of 50 (2005)



Paul Woolson  (Wisconsin)

Woolson Soundcraft LG All Mahogany (2005)


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