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New Entries:  Autumn 2008


clark bjorke

Clark Bjorke (Maryland)

Artisan LW30-C (1983)

....myself in hat with graying 'stache (left), dressed

funny in order to better play Let's Talk Dirty in Hawaiian

at an open mic at Andy's, a popular music venue in Chestertown, MD.



Todd Hunt  (Michigan)

Goodall MHGCC (2007)

Summer 2007 on the summit of Mt Audobon in the

Indian Peaks Wilderness west of Boulder.



Don Ward  (North Carolina)

Rainsong, etc. (2007)

The Don Ward Guitarsenal

(plus 2006 Fender Roland Ready Strat now)



Jerry Hyer  (Mississippi)

Guild D-40 BJ  (2006)



Paul Lofgren  (Minnesota)

Gibson Advanced Jumbo (2005)



Mary McKnight  (Ohio)

McKnight Diamond (2007)

Wife of luthier and AGF sponsor, Tim McKnight

McKnight Guitars


Mr. Dave

David M. Pierce  (California)

Taylor 555 (1982) & Taylor 814c (1997)

Dave Pierce (foreground) & Ed Stopper (the tall guy)

at Enloe Regional Cancer Center, providing a

pleasant distraction while folks get their chemotherapy.



Paul Woolson  (Wisconsin)

Woolson Soundcraft LG All Mahogany (2005)



Phil Brodersen  (Oklahoma)

Baranik CX Brazilian/German Spruce (2005)

My most common 'concert venue':

by myself, relaxing at home.



Steve  (New York)

Rainsong JM1000 (2008)

Recent journey to North Carolina Outer Banks

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