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radiator bug

Tim Chapman  (So. California)

Ovation Collector’s Redwood #293 (2001)

It's the warmest sounding guitar I've ever played!

I usually use it for Special Music performances

at Church and invariably get comments about

how good the guitar looks and sounds.



Randy Sitz  (Alabama)

Taylor 514ce (2003)

The guitar pictured is my old Yamaha beater. 

This picture was taken for my CD Perspective.



Ray Stroud  (England)

Taylor 712 Braz (1997)

If you're buying, I'll have a Guinness.



Bob Colosi  (Georgia)

Collings OM1AC

Please don't ask why I agreed to this.  -Rebecca



Reagan  (Sydney, Australia)

Taylor T5 Koa (2006)


Red Ryder

Ron Romano  (Florida)

Taylor 615ce Tobaccoburst (2002)

My Taylor makes me feel like King of the Hill!


Rejoice Music

Rebecca Muller  (So. California)

Taylor 914ceL1 (2003)

Taken in Monroe, NC, Oct. 2003

Photo by Rick Crider



Wally Ames  (Iowa)

Blueridge BR-183

I use retyrd because when I retired from

the C&NW Railroad in 1990, I tried to

get a personalized plate for my motorcycle

reading Retired - too many letters for

a motorcycle plate.



Richard Grant  (Wisconsin)

Taylor 814ce (2001)

Promo pic for Richard's upcoming album 

Acoustic Artistry



Rick Celia  (Massachusetts)

I'm the one sitting down looking dumb-struck watching Doyle Dykes play.  Taken by the Providence Journal 

last year at one of the Liberty Tree dedications.


Rick Crider

Rick Crider  (North Carolina)

Taylorstock Ziricote Hybrid 812c (2002)

Custom with Cedar top, Cindy inlay, 

Ziricote headstock, flamed Maple binding



Rick Skeens  (Florida)

Martin OM-45 Marquis

The guitar is one of the highly inlaid Martin customs 

that was displayed at a recent Martin sponsored 

Laurence Juber workshop and concert in Atlanta.



Rick Healy  (Australia)

Taylor 614ce (2004)

I love to worship.



Ricardo Cruz  (Florida)

Taylor 314K LOTF (2000)

'Legends of the Fall' with Capt. Bill TRC 

and Rosewood tuner buttons.



Louie Rodriguez  (Texas)

Taylor GSRS (2006)



Rob Wing  (Colorado)

Taylor 810ceLTD (2002)

Open stage at Taylorstock playing the prototype.



Phil Brodersen  (Oklahoma)

Baranik CX Brazilian/German Spruce (2005)

My most common 'concert venue':

by myself, relaxing at home.


Rock Force

John Darwin  (Texas)

Yamaha FG730S

Just jamming out in my room.



Ryan Simper  (So. California)

Taylor 710ce LTD (2001)

Ryan is now the proud owner of a beautiful 

Taylorstock 914c (2002) with Cindy.  



Russ Pate  (Mississippi)

Taylor 610ceL30 (2004)

A very happy me playing my Taylor

for the first time on Christmas day.


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