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Michael Goupil Family


                   Mike and Cheryl Goupil                                           Steven & Jonathan  (back)  /  Matthew & Gregory  (front)

    These webpages have been created for a special family in Rochester, NY, who is going through an enormously challenging time in their lives.  



    They are about Michael Goupil, his wife Cheryl, and their 4 sons, ages 11, 8, 5, and 3.                                 



    Michael was unexpectedly diagnosed this past summer with colon cancer, finding out shortly afterwards that it was already in stage 3 of the disease.  These events, as well as the Goupils' strong trust in God, are being shared in hopes of inspiring and touching the hearts of others, and to help this young family through this difficult time and the months ahead of them.          





    Mike's Story is being told by posting some direct correspondence from his emails,      which were sent to various friends and fellow church members during these past few months - we feel this expresses his journey in the most meaningful manner.  It is a bit lengthy, but very well worth reading nonetheless.  

    All who read this are surely to be touched by Mike's courage, faith, and his love for God, family, and others.  We hope that people will find in their hearts a desire to help him and his loved ones through sincere prayer, words of encouragement, and financial assistance, if possible.



    In addition to Mike's battle with cancer, his financial resources have been depleted due to the resulting employment problems.  Cheryl is exhausted from trying to earn an income, care for Mike, her home, and their four young boys, in the midst of this emotionally trying situation.  Any gifts would be deeply appreciated in helping to provide for their needs both now and in the future.



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All content used by written permission from Mike and Cheryl Goupil.

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