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with Personalized Gift Tags

The Perfect Baby Gift - Personalized, Unique, Beautiful, and Practical

for Cuddling and Wrapping Babies in the Finest!

All blankets are generously sized at approximately 40 x 30 inches (includes 3-inch border).



Original Collection: $65.00


A contrasting narrow edge is now added to each blanket - a lovely finishing touch!

Although it is not yet shown in all pictures, it is included in the descriptions.

(Does not apply to Antique Lace or Diamond White)


Petal Pink

White center w/Pink border & White edge



Garden Glory

White, Pink, Moss Green, Dark Pink w/White border & Pink edge



Rainbow Sherbet

White, Soft Yellow, Pink, Light Green w/White border & Yellow edge 



Baby Tea Rose

White, Pink, Light Green w/White border & Pink or Light Green edge



Pink Lemonade

White, Pink, Soft Yellow w/White border & Pink edge



Pink Cute 'n Cuddly

Pink center w/White border & Pink edge



Sweetly Soft

White, Pink, Baby Blue w/White border & Pink edge



Cuddly Confetti

Multi Pastel center w/White border & Multi Pastel edge

(Multi Pastel: White, Pink, Yellow, Aqua, Blue)



Simply Serene

White, Pink, Light Green, Baby Blue w/White border & Pink edge



Strawberry Kisses

Pink center w/Chocolate Brown, Black or Gray trim, White border & Pink edge



Sweet Dreams

White, Soft Turquoise, Pink w/White border & Pink edge



Petite Petunia

Pink, White, Lavender w/White border & Lavender or Pink edge



Lavender Cute 'n Cuddly 

Lavender center w/White border & Lavender edge



Grape Vine

White, Lavender, Light Green w/White border & Light Green edge



Light Lime

White center w/Light Green border & White edge



Darling Daisy

White, Soft Yellow, Light Green w/White border & Yellow edge



Lemon Cute 'n Cuddly

Soft Yellow center w/White border & Yellow edge



Sunny Sky

Soft Yellow, White, Baby Blue w/White border & Yellow or Blue edge



Baby Blue

White center w/Baby Blue border & White edge



Cherry Berry 

White, Baby Blue, Red w/White border & Blue edge



Blue Cute 'n Cuddly

Baby Blue center w/White border & Blue edge



Ocean Waves  

White, Baby Blue, Light Green w/White border & Blue edge



Boy Blue

 Baby Blue center w/Chocolate Brown, Navy or Gray trim, White border & Blue edge



Baby Blocks

White or Ivory center w/Tan, Chocolate Brown, Slate Blue trim, White or Ivory border & Tan edge



Beach Baby 

Ivory or White, Tan, Slate Blue w/Ivory or White border & Tan edge



Antique Lace

Ivory center w/Ivory border



Little Sprout

Ivory or White, Tan, Moss Green w/Ivory or White border & Tan edge



Baby Blocks Moss

Ivory or White, Tan, Chocolate Brown, Moss Green w/Ivory or White border & Tan edge



Jungle Jewel  

Ivory, Tan, Chocolate Brown, Forest or Moss Green w/Ivory border & Tan edge




White, Red, Forest Green w/White border



Diamond White  Lovely for Christenings 

White center w/White border




White center w/Golden Yellow border & White edge



Pure Peach

White center w/Peach border & White edge



More Designs


The following designs are also part of the Original Collection:

Ivory Slate

Ivory & Slate Blue


Soft Sand

Ivory or White center w/Tan border & Ivory or White edge


Safari Sun

White, Golden Yellow & Tan or Gray w/White border & Golden Yellow edge


Poppy Pink

White center w/Dark Pink border & White edge


 True Turquoise

One on hand ready to ship!

Soft Turquoise center w/White border & Turquoise edge


Lovely Lavender

White center w/Lavender border & White edge




Boutique Collection: $69.00


Pastel Rainbow

Pink, Peach, Soft Yellow, Light Green, Blue, Lavender w/White border & Peach edge



Cotton Candy 

White, Pink, Dark Pink w/White border & Dark or Light Pink edge



Springtime Stripe 

White, Pink, Lavender, Light Green, Soft Yellow w/White border & Lavender or Pink edge



Little Princess

Pink & White w/White border & Pink edge



Peaches 'n Cream

One on hand ready to ship!

Peach & Ivory stripes w/Ivory border & Peach edge

(Not shown; same style as Little Princess above)


Little Prince

 Baby Blue & White w/White border & Blue edge



Forever Baby

Soft Yellow, Baby Blue, Pink w/White border & Yellow edge



Pretty Papaya (One ready to ship!) 

Multi Pastel & White w/White border & Multi Pastel edge

(Multi Pastel: Coral, Peach, Soft Yellow, White)





Custom Color Blankets


I also accept orders for Custom Color blankets.

Any of the blankets shown here may be ordered in almost any color combination.

Please contact me here with your order request.



Personalized Gift Tags


Attached with ribbon is an adorable Personalized Gift Tag, printed with

your choice of names for baby or mom, and/or a short message.


The Gift Tags make wonderful baby book keepsakes!


Please include your info on the Order Page in the box provided with your blanket selection.


If no name or message is requested, Beautifully Hand Crocheted Baby Blankets will be printed.





As soon as I complete each blanket, it is placed in a custom clear zip bag

to preserve freshness, ready to insert into a new Priority Mail box for shipping.





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