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Rebecca's style of music is a blend of beautiful acoustic guitars

and soothing vocals tastefully accented by other mostly

acoustic instruments.  The mood is worshipful and reflective.

Her early musical roots were classical and folk,

maturing over the years into a more contemporary style of music

that is unique in flavor and appeals to varied ages and musical tastes,

while always maintaining the emphasis on worship.

Some of the lyrics are original, others are directly from God's Word.


"These songs speak of the goodness and mercy of God,

our great need for Him, and aspects of my personal journey

through life and walk with the Lord Jesus Christ.  

It has been through many years of joys and sorrows, victories and 

failures, repentance, and learning of Him through His Word,

 that these songs were written.   After many years,

 a much-awaited collection of these songs is being recorded.  

My hope is that, as people listen, they will be

drawn closer to God;  to a lifelong commitment of

serving, loving, and worshiping Him in every way.

I give the glory and great thanks to the Lord 

for allowing me to share His awesome love

and mercy through my music with others."

                        -Rebecca Muller


Let Us Go Into the House of the Lord,

one of Rebecca's earliest and most well-known songs,  

has been published in songbooks and recorded on albums

by many others.  It is now used by the Body of Christ  

in six English-speaking countries around the world.


Samples of music to be posted here when available.


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